REVIEW: BTS are poignant and fierce in “Spring Day” and “Not Today”

“Spring Day” and its music video (MV) likely mean a death of a friend, possibly from suicide. The lyrics, themselves, hint that a friend passed away or committed suicide: “Yeah I hate you. You left but there was not a day I ever forgot about you.” Why would you hate a person who passed away? Likely because the person chose to end his/her life or somehow experiencing an unfair death.This reaction is quite plausible because anyone who has experienced the untimely passing of a loved one, experiences anger as a stage of grief.  Other verses include: “You know it all. You’re my best friend. Morning will come again” and “Will you stay a little longer?” 

The MV supports the notion that the friend has chosen to end his life. The MV opens with the “friend” who is portrayed by Jungkook in a white turtle neck sweater with black striped sleeves on one train, and Rapmonster on a different train. This could be symbolizing that they are on two different paths.


Things that stood out:
Taehyung laying on the train tracks…and him walking along them. Is Taehyung the last one alive, instead of Jin?


everyone is on the train…. i think..


i’m into bts so much they are all so good and super dope 😍😍😍 how about you whats your reviews watch the mv below ^_^


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